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Air cooled chiller product features
- Dec 02, 2016 -

1, unit selection scroll compressors hermetic compressors and electronic control components, equipped with a heat exchanger made of high quality copper tube of condenser and evaporator;

2, equipped with various safety devices, stable performance, low noise, long service life, easy operation using LCD interface, operation is simple and convenient, health at a glance;

3, the models have a single or combination of compressor refrigeration system of the compressor. Compressor can depend on the load changes, automatic alternate operation, balancing the number of compressor run time, reduce energy consumption and prolong the effect of the term chiller. Ease of energy regulation, in part load more energy-saving;

4, the whole casing box-type structure, beautiful appearance, compact, and may at any time check the operating conditions; turbine cold can bring their own water tank and circulating pump, without cooling towers and cooling water pumps, installation and maintenance is simple and convenient;