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Basic composition of water chiller refrigeration system
- Dec 02, 2016 -

Condenser: the condenser in the refrigeration process heat and allows the refrigerant to condense the output. Discharged from the compressor high pressure superheated steam after entering the condenser will absorb all the heat its work, including from the evaporator and compressor and absorption of heat in the pipe is passed to the surrounding medium (air or water) taken away; high-pressure superheated refrigerant vapor condenses back into a liquid. (Based on different ways of cooling medium and cooling, condensers can be divided into three categories: water cooled condensers, air cooled condenser, evaporative condensers. )

Liquid storage: after the liquid receiver installed in the condenser, condenser drain pipe is directly connected. Liquid refrigerant condenser should be within the unimpeded inflow of liquid receiver, so you can take full advantage of the cooling surface of the condenser. The other hand, when the evaporator's heat load changes, the liquid refrigerant requirements also change, at that time, liquid receiver will play a role in dispensing and storage of refrigerant. Mechanism for small cold water cooling systems, often without tank, but by dispensing and storage of refrigerant in condenser.

Dry filters: water chiller refrigeration cycle to prevent water and dirt (oil, scrap iron, copper), enter, water the main source of added refrigerant and trace moisture contained lubricant, or because of the maintenance systems of air into the water. If the water in the system is not completely removed when coolant through the throttle valve (thermal expansion valve or capillary tube), because of lower pressure and temperature of water sometimes branch into ice, so blocked, affecting the normal operation of the refrigeration unit. Therefore, in cold water for refrigeration systems must be installed in the dry filter.