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- Dec 02, 2016 -

Industrial chillers are divided into water-cooled industrial chiller and air cooled industrial chiller, the difference between them lies in the condenser is different. Water cooled chillers mainly through circulating cooling water to the condenser to remove heat, water cooled chiller condensers are also commonly referred to as water cannons. Different from the water-cooled, air cooled industrial chiller cooling by fan. Fin type condenser is usually used, fin actually refers to aluminium, will need to heat the parts of externally mounted aluminum, in order to achieve efficient heat dissipation, and through strong fan pushes out.

So when the shop when the temperature is higher, air cooled chiller in addition to itself will be affected (the condenser temperature is too high would lead directly to industrial cold water high pressure alarm, cooling capacity), the shop floor temperature can have a direct impact. Advantages of water-cooled chillers are obvious. Water cooled industrial chiller needs circulating cooling water in cooling towers to cool the water cooled chiller needs to install cooling towers, cooling water pumps, pipes, more cumbersome. Compare air cooled industrial chiller, can be easily moved to shame. But in most cases the factory are already equipped with cooling water circulation system.

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