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Method of calculation
- Dec 02, 2016 -

How to choose the best suitable industrial chiller, a selection formula is actually very simple:

Cooling capacity = coefficient of temperature difference chilled water flow *4.187* *

1, frozen water flow water flow rate required for a machine work, units will be converted to liters per second;

2, temperature difference between the temperature difference between the water inlet and outlet of the machine;

3, 4.187 quantitative (specific heat capacity of water);

4, select the wind cooling type cooling water machine by factor of 1.3, choice of water-cooled chillers take the factor of 1.1.

5, according to the calculation of refrigerating output selects the appropriate machine type.

General accustomed to cold water machine equipped with a lot of habits are counted by p, but the most important thing is to know the rated cooling capacity, generally air cooled 9.07KW case selection with a 3P machine ... and so on. Industrial chiller selection of the most important is to find out the rated cooling capacity