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Tower type
- Dec 02, 2016 -

According to the building consists of reinforced concrete water tower, steel towers, brick tube in combination with reinforced concrete water tank of water tower. Tanks also use Ferro-cement, glass and wood construction. Europe had built some towers of the castle-like appearance. France has a multifunctional tower, set at the high tank, Central Office space, shopping malls at the bottom. China also has a chimney and water tower built in dual-function structure, is to cool the exhaust fumes, to oil and a lot of condensation, to minimize the emission into the atmosphere, is a measure required by the environmental protection authorities. Divided into cylindrical shells and cones as a tank shell. Most application forms both in China and in addition, sphere, box, Bowl and drop-shaped and so on. Support tube using cylindrical made of reinforced concrete or masonry. Supports most of the reinforced concrete rigid frame or steel frame. Towers based on circular reinforced concrete slab Foundation, ring-plate basis, a single Cone and composite cone shell Foundation and pile foundation. When the water tower small capacity, high low, you can also use masonry masonry material of rigid Foundation.

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