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Water tower
- Dec 02, 2016 -

Water tower, residential water, some water plants an important part of the production process. For water storage and water tower structure used to maintain and regulate water and water pressure in water supply network. Consists of tank, tube or stent composition of the base and connect the two. In industrial and civil construction, the tower is a relatively common and special buildings. Carefully and pay attention to its construction required special skills, if poor quality construction, ranging from permanent water, cannot be used to scrap.

Containers plastic towers are towers and stainless steel water towers in two ways: plastic cooling towers can be divided into rotational molding and blow molding, rotational molding plastic water tower by the traditional technique to produce. Relative to the rotational molding water tower, its quality, model, price, time and other properties are not compared with the blow the water tower. So the market mainly dominated by blowing water tower, but in some remote areas of rotational water tower still has a certain market, rotational molding, after all, their production costs as well as plant construction requires less capital investment than blowing water tower.

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