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Air Cooled Screw Chiller Product Features
- Oct 16, 2017 -

Air-cooled chiller adopts air cooling method, get rid of the cooling water system are essential to the cooling tower, cooling water pump and pipeline system, condenser fouling, the water had poor areas can be avoided pipe blockage, also saves the water resources, is a cold air conditioning products, maintenance is the most economical, simple models.

Air-cooled chiller was a little higher than the water-cooling chiller one-time investment, but the annual operating costs than water-cooled chiller, computer room construction cost in all kinds of air conditioning cold and heat source system to a minimum, maintenance cost about half the cost of water cooled or boiler.

The noise and volume of air cooled chiller is larger than that of water, and can only be installed outdoors. Most water-cooled units are installed in the basement.

Product features of air-cooled chiller:

1. The compressor and the electric control component of the compressor are equipped with vortex type, and equipped with the condenser and evaporator of heat transfer and high quality copper tube.

2. Equipped with various safety protection devices, stable performance, low noise, long service life and simple operation; The liquid crystal display interface is easy to operate and easy to operate.

3. The machine adopts single compressor or multi-compressor combined refrigeration system. The compressor can be operated alternately according to the load, which can balance the running time of the compressor to achieve the energy saving and prolong the life of the chiller. It is convenient for energy adjustment and more energy saving in partial load.

4. Complete machine shell structure, beautiful appearance, compact structure, can check the operating condition of the unit at any time; The unit can bring water tank and circulating water pump according to cold quantity, without cooling tower and cooling water pump, installation and maintenance is simple and convenient;

The handling method and the best position for the installation of air-cooled chiller

Handling method: the plane should be moved slowly and flat, and the tilt should not exceed 30 degrees. Do not hit the machine.

Installation position: the machine should be installed in a dry and ventilated place, its environment temperature and humidity should not be too high, the machine should be placed at the level of half a meter or more space, to make air flow heat dissipation. For the upper air equipment, the top is not occluded, to ensure that the hot wind will not be sucked in the cold water again.

Power supply: power supply voltage and maximum allowable current shall be required according to the technical parameters form.

Secure grounding: machine to be reliably connected to ground wire.