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Air Cooler
- Dec 02, 2016 -

Chiller on air conditioning

A:-industrial cooling fan feature

Industrial air coolers are for aluminum-free wave soldering, reflow soldering equipment cooling technology and design, divided according to temperature control temperature specifications are as follows: above 10 degrees, 5-10 degrees, 0-5 degrees, -5--15 degrees.

II: central air conditioning-features

Water cooler air conditioner is a new type of central air conditioning units, which concentrated the essence of domestic and foreign products, the use of modern advanced technology manufacturing, high quality, beautiful products there are two species, (direct and duct) 12 specifications

Central air conditioning chiller:

1. water-cooled chillers using horizontal shell and tube condensers and shell and tube evaporator, which has simple structure, heat stability, efficiency of durable, maintenance-friendly features, has been recognized as central air conditioning chiller the ideal structure.

2. control system adopts imported PLC controller, man-machine interface with large touch screen, the interface is simple and easy, intuitive operation is simple.

3. the unit has a reliable safety devices, including high and low voltage protective devices, exhaust overheating protection, compressor motor Thermal Protector, over-current protection, antifreeze temperature protection, water protection emergency stop switches, temperature sensitive fusible plug, safety valve and so on.