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Characteristics Of Low Temperature Chiller-water-cooled
- Dec 02, 2016 -

Water type cold water machine volume small, refrigeration volume big, used world brand imports compressor, low temperature performance excellence, reliable durable, products according to industrial application features design, built-in low temperature cycle pump and the stainless steel frozen tank, using is convenient, all and water contact of material are used anti-corrosion material, effective prevent rust, corrosion, microcomputer LED number controller, has temperature displayed, set temperature, automatically regulation frozen water temperature degrees and the compressor delay protection function, selection brand contact device, following electrical, electrical components, As well as other indicators, switches, operating at a glance, built-in electronic water level indicator, and alarm devices, low water level alarm, the operator can grasp frozen through the control panel water tank water level, water in a timely manner, a unique modular design, system security independent of each compressor, even if a system problem, nor will it affect the normal operation of other systems.

1. the units compressor selection of imported brands France Maneurop (US), United States Copeland (Copeland)/Carrier (carrier), Germany BITZER (BITZER) low temperature compressors;

2. the use of refrigerants such as R404A,R410a,R22/R407C and so on, meets the cooler temperature and environmental requirements;

3. temperature range: offer-5 ¡æ ~-60 ¡æ process between frozen water (according to different production needs of users, select a different water temperature unit specifications;

4. According to the user's needs, can be a variety of refrigerant (frozen water): aqueous solution of ethylene glycol, alcohol, ternary mixed alcohols such as coolant, antiseptic evaporator design can also be using aqueous solution of calcium chloride;