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Operation Flow
- Dec 02, 2016 -

① before starting the preparations

1) recognized unit and controller plugged in.

2) fan for cooling towers, cooling water pump, cold water pump is turned on.

3) fan coil units are powered open at the end.

② Start

1) press the key on your keyboard, and then underneath the keyboard unit on/off (on/off) switch toggle switch to switch on (ON) position.

2) unit will take a self test, and after a few seconds, a compressor start, subject to overload another compressor starts.

3) once the unit, all operations are not automatic. Unit according to cooling load (chilled water supply and return water temperature) changes automatically on/off.

③ normal operation

1) on normal operation, the controller will monitor oil pressure, motor current, and the other parameters of the system, in the event of any problems, the control system will automatically take the appropriate measures, protection unit, and displays information to the units on the screen. (For details, please refer to the installation, operation and maintenance manuals)

2) runs every 24-hour cycle, permanent records specialist at a fixed time interval the operating conditions.

About downtime

1) switch the unit on/off toggle switch below the keyboard to the disconnect position, you can make the unit shut down.

2) in order to prevent damage from occurring, even if at the time of the shutdown, do not cut off the power supply unit.

3, fan, water pump operation

① the cooling tower fan, cooling pumps, chilled water pumps for independent control, should be confirmed before turning on the power supply to normal, non-RP, perfect.

Pump should be confirmed before opening the valve in the pipeline has been opened.