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Water Cooled Chiller Better Ventilation
- Oct 25, 2017 -

Because of the open-air installation of air-cooled chiller, Water Cooled Chiller it is easy to be influenced by outdoor sunlight, how to maintain good ventilation, Water Cooled Chiller good environment and space, and have a direct effect on refrigerating effect of chillers.

Chiller Refrigeration piping Accessories mainly include a variety of valves and connectors. According to the refrigeration system, the water chillers are different from the requirements of the piping accessories. If the cooling pipe accessory material is wrong, or the installation does not meet the requirements, it will directly affect the refrigeration effect of the chiller.

Ammonia system water chiller pipeline mainly uses welding, Water Cooled Chiller and tube wall thickness is less than 4mm gas welding, 4mm above the use of welding, the necessary place can also be used flange connection, single should be with a concave and convex mouth, Water Cooled Chiller elbows are all used simmer; the valve and the pipe wire buckle connection must not use white oil hemp silk, should use pure pure glycerin and yellow powder to reconcile the packing When the branch tube is connected with the collecting pipe box, Water Cooled Chiller the branch pipe should be opened with an arc fork and set Yu Ping to avoid the uneven distribution of the liquid.

In Freon refrigeration system, its connection mode is: steel pipe and steel pipe using welding, Water Cooled Chiller steel pipe and copper pipe using silver welding, copper pipe and copper pipe using silver welding, and the tube wall should not be galvanized, flange should not use natural rubber, also can not be coated with mineral oil, its sealing materials to choose corrosion-resistant materials, generally with nitrile rubber.

1, elbow: cold bending, the radius of curvature should not be less than 4 times times the diameter of the tube;

2, Tee: It is advisable to use the downstream tee, Water Cooled Chiller ya-shaped claw elbow can also be used oblique tee;

3, valve: All kinds of valves should be in line with the special refrigerant products. Freon refrigeration system cold water machine used expansion valve should be placed vertically, not tilt, not to reverse the installation;

4, thermometer: To have a metal protective sleeve, installed in the pipeline, its mercury (or alcohol) ball should be in the centerline of the pipeline, Water Cooled Chiller the sense of the casing Win Duan should be in the direction of fluid movement;

5, Pressure gauges: high-pressure vessels and piping should be installed $number. Water Cooled Chiller 5MPa pressure gauges, medium and low pressure vessels and piping shall be fitted with $number. 6MPa pressure gauges;

6, the sense of temperature package: installed in the suction pipe from the cold water Unit 1. On a straight pipe outside the 5m.