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Water Cooled Chiller Cause And Repair
- Jun 02, 2017 -

Water Cooled Chiller Screw-type chillers because of the use of screw compressors and named, often used in chemical plants, central air-conditioning system, such as large-scale industrial refrigeration, because of the performance of the screw chillers more stable and efficient and many users welcome. In the use of cold water units, some of the damage is also difficult to avoid, Water Cooled Chiller the following to introduce the screw-type water chillers screw damage causes and repair.

I. Causes of screw damage in water chillers

1, screw-type chillers in the barrel rotation, Water Cooled Chiller lubricating oil and compressed gas and screw and body friction, so that the work of the screw surface wear gradually.

The diameter gap between screw and body will increase with the gradual wear of both. However, due to the body front and the resistance of the shunt plate has not changed, this increases the flow of the gas in the air leakage, so that the discharge of the machine flow.

2, if there is acid and other corrosive substances in the gas, the screw-type chillers will speed up the wear and tear of the body.

3, when the machine wear abrasive, or a metal foreign body mixing material, so that the screw rotating torque force suddenly increased, this torque beyond the screw strength limit, Water Cooled Chiller so that screw break.

II. Repair of screw damage after cold water chiller

When the screw-type chiller is damaged, if the damage is not repaired, the screw compressor can not be used, resulting in the machine can not be used. Water Cooled Chiller Screw damage if the replacement of the compressor cost is very high, so the general situation of the customer will be selected for the screw repair.

1, the screw should be twisted according to the actual diameter of the body to consider, according to normal clearance with the body to give the new screw outside the outer diameter deviation of the manufacturing.

2, wear screw diameter reduction of the thread surface after treatment, Water Cooled Chiller thermal spraying wear-resistant alloy, and then grinding to size. This method generally has a professional spraying factory processing repair, the cost is relatively low.

3. Wear-resisting alloy in the threaded part of wear screw. According to the degree of wear of the screw rod surfacing thickness is 1-2mm wear-resistant alloy, this wear-resisting alloy is composed of C, CR, VI, CO, W and b materials, increase the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the screw, Water Cooled Chiller and then grinding the screw to size. Because of the high cost of this processing, in addition to the special requirements of the screw, generally rarely used.

4, repair screw can also be used on the surface of hard chromium plating, chromium is also wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant metal, but hard chrome layer is easier to fall off.

Screw-type cold water unit screw repair completed, the body also needs to be repaired, because the body's internal surface hardness is higher than the screw, Water Cooled Chiller its damage than the screw, the body's scrap is diameter due to the time wear and increase. The repair method of the compressor body is: if there is a certain nitriding layer, the body hole can be directly boring, grinding to a new diameter size, and then according to the diameter of new screw.