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Water Cooled Chiller Exchange Function
- Oct 10, 2017 -

Chiller: This kind of system is composed of outdoor host and indoor terminal device, which provides air-conditioning cold/hot water through the outdoor host, which is piped to the indoor terminal device, and the water and air are heat exchanged at the end of the room to eliminate the cold/heat load. Water Cooled Chiller It is a type of air-conditioning system that concentrates on the production of cold/heat, but disperses the load of each room.

More online: This kind of system takes refrigerant as the conveying medium, uses the variable refrigerant flow technology, the outdoor host is composed by the outdoor side heat exchanger, Water Cooled Chiller the compressor and other refrigeration accessories, Water Cooled Chiller the indoor machine is composed by the direct evaporation type heat exchanger and the fan. An outdoor machine can transport refrigerant liquids to several indoor machines through a pipeline. By controlling the refrigerant circulation of the compressor and the refrigerant flow into the indoor heat exchanger, it can meet the requirements of indoor cold and heat load in time.

Chillers: Outdoor machine Complete the refrigeration cycle of all the process, is a complete system, indoor machine is simply a simple heat exchange, the two are independent of each other, can not affect each other, indoor or outdoor machine to transform.

More on-line: Outdoor machine and indoor machine together compose refrigeration system, an indoor machine failure, will make the whole system balance imbalance, to other indoor machine work to have influence, Water Cooled Chiller indoor and outdoor machine transformation needs to be carried out simultaneously.

Chiller: Low pressure water system leakage is less likely, and water system leakage can be very noticeable, thus timely maintenance, so even if the impact of the leakage is small.

More online: VRV system in the indoor distribution of a wide range of refrigerant pipelines, Water Cooled Chiller and refrigerant pipelines are all on-site welding, and the refrigerant system is a high-pressure system, so the possibility of leakage is greater. In order to find the leakage point, need to carry out leak detection work, the leak detection process of the renovation is often greater than the impact of water system leakage.

The large installed capacity of chillers is a common problem in air conditioning system, and some engineering chillers have even more than 50% installed capacity. Water Cooled Chiller The main reason for the large installed capacity of the chillers is that the designers did not calculate the cold load hourly, but blindly applied the cold load index of the building, and did not grasp the uneven rate of the air-conditioning load of different functional buildings, and increased the safety margin of calculating the cold load without analysis. Water chiller Installed Capacity partial assembly increase air conditioning system, the total cost of electrical equipment and structure, Water Cooled Chiller resulting in a lot of idle waste of equipment and inefficient operation of the system, will directly lead to the matching of water chillers and cooling water pump selection of large, increasing the system's energy consumption and the difficulty of system operation adjustment.

The number of chillers should be based on the characteristics of cold load, the operation adjusts the performance to choose, generally is ~ 4 units, Water Cooled Chiller he single machine refrigeration quantity should be reasonable collocation, when the single machine capacity adjusts the lower limit the production cooling quantity is bigger than the building minimum load, should choose 1 sets of water chillers suitable for the minimum load, in order to guarantee the system load regulation reliability, Increase the adaptability of the load to avoid the inefficient operation of chillers. Even a large air-conditioning system, the number of its chillers should not exceed 4 units, Water Cooled Chiller more than 4 units should be divided into systems. When the water chiller and the water pump run one by one correspond, there are obvious related losses theoretically, and the operation adjustment of the unit is troublesome when the load changes, each single machine is difficult to run in the best working condition area.