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Water Cooled Chiller Increasing
- Aug 01, 2017 -

Data center construction scale is increasing, the use of large chillers refrigeration solutions, the system is complex, but the energy efficiency, energy saving effect is obvious, Water Cooled Chiller becoming the mainstream. Data center based on its own application characteristics, the centrifugal chillers have a higher demand, such as the requirements of the unit more stable and reliable, energy saving, to avoid surge, Water Cooled Chiller fast restart and so on. The variable frequency centrifugal chillers meet the data center application requirements, has been widely used in the data center industry.

The fixed frequency unit starts for the star delta. Water Cooled Chiller A starting current up to 200 ~ 250% of full load current, the secondary start-up current may even up to 500% of full load current.

Frequency conversion unit for the soft start, Water Cooled Chiller the starting current will not exceed the full load current, reducing the impact of the current equipment to extend equipment life.

In the case of a data center, short-term cooling interruption will not only cause a lot of indoor heat accumulation, the rapid increase in temperature, Water Cooled Chiller will also lead to IT equipment performance, Water Cooled Chiller shorten the life of a series of more serious consequences. So in order to deal with short-term power or power switching and other extreme situations, the data center usually requires chillers in the shortest possible time to achieve restart and load.

The chiller has no start-up interval. Water Cooled Chiller The unit can start and stop frequently. The unit can restart within 1 minute with the UPS quick start.

Surge is mainly due to the condensing pressure and the evaporation pressure is too high or the compressor refrigerant flow is too low. Fixed-frequency unit in the low-load operation, Water Cooled Chiller can only choose to adjust the guide vane opening, Water Cooled Chiller it is prone to surge phenomenon. When the inverter unit is running in the low load state, it adjusts the opening degree and the motor speed of the guide vane, Water Cooled Chiller adjusts the running state of the unit, controls the centrifugal unit to avoid the surge point quickly, avoids the damage to the unit and ensures the safety of the unit.

Frequency converter unit has other advantages, such as part of the load running noise reduction, improve the unit power factor, reduce the standby generator capacity, Water Cooled Chiller if the configuration airborne start cabinet can also save the floor area

At the same time, the inverter frequency converter will also produce high-order harmonics for the communication and data center distribution network. Higher harmonics not only cause the device itself and the grid to add considerable reactive energy, but also interfere with the communication system. In severe cases, Water Cooled Chiller the system can cause the system to crash, control the abnormal downtime, or even lose real-time data, affecting the normal operation of the equipment and shorten the service life. Therefore, Water Cooled Chiller for the chiller airborne frequency conversion device requires the configuration of the filter. In particular, IT equipment and frequency converter in the same transformer, should be configured active filter.

With the centrifugal chillers in large large data center in the widely used, frequency conversion technology has been more mature and enjoys popular support. Water Cooled Chiller But most of the frequency conversion unit for the single-stage compressor unit, we also look forward to multi-level compression and inverter technology, organic combination, through more cases to see what effect will be.