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Water Cooled Chiller Lubrication Parts
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Chillers operating system, the more concerned about the refrigerator refrigerant circulation system, chilled water circulation system and electrical control system three parts, and lubrication system is often overlooked object. As everyone knows, this system is also very important for chillers.

Lengshui machine lubrication parts of the fault is not the problem of their own lubrication system, but it will eventually lead to system failure. Such as the cylinder at the piston ring structure selection, improper processing and assembly can cause a lot of running oil phenomenon, and the shaft seal at the abnormal leakage will significantly reduce the oil in the crankcase, which led to the pump suction air; Before and after the main bearing assembly gap is too small, too dirty lubricants and long-term use of lubricating oil deterioration will increase the friction and wear parts of the moving parts, or at the same time due to serious wear and tear of the cylinder pressure blown gas, will lead to crankcase fever, oil The temperature is high and the viscosity of the lubricating oil is reduced, resulting in a vicious cycle of lubrication conditions and failure of the lubrication system. Therefore, the failure analysis of the lubrication system should be comprehensive, that is, in addition to the lubrication system itself, the problem should be from the operation of the refrigerator to be checked, analysis and judgment, such as whether the abnormal vibration, sound, heat and leakage.

Chillers lubrication system The most common fault is: oil pump without pressure, pressure failure and pressure gauge pointer violent swing. The main reason is:

1, the system is particularly leaky.

2, long-term work pump, pump wear serious, the leakage is too large, the volume effect is significantly reduced.

3, the crankcase oil temperature is too low, the viscosity of frozen lubricating oil is too large, the pump inlet filter filter is too dense, the filter is blocked, and the oil is too low, oil pump difficult to absorb, causing suction phenomenon.

4, the pressure relief valve is stuck in the open position or pressure regulator valve failure.

From the following aspects can determine whether the chiller lubrication system is normal:

1, the crankcase of the oil should be sufficient, and should be long-term stability.

2, the crankcase oil temperature should be maintained at between 10-65 ℃, the most suitable working temperature of 35-55 ℃.

3, the filter element filter should not be blocked, with a pressure to send the fine oil filter should be blocked with the instructions.

4, the oil pressure gauge specified stability, indicating pressure on the piston or freezer should be higher than the suction pressure 0.05-0.3MPA, the screw-type refrigerator should be higher than the condensing pressure 0.2-0.3MPa.

In the maintenance of the chiller lubrication system should pay attention to the following points:

1, daily inspection note to observe the oil, oil temperature, oil pressure is normal.

2, according to the provisions of the frozen oil oil exchange indicators regularly check the oil, replace or add the filter of new oil.

3, in the overhaul should pay attention to check and adjust the pump side of the gap, if necessary, should change the pump. Pump surface clearance as the size of the specifications are about 0.03-0.08mm, the specific value, please refer to the pump assembly technical requirements and factory regulations.

4, regular replacement or cleaning filter, pipe and crankcase.

Chillers lubrication system maintenance technical requirements are strong, mainly related to the performance of the compressor host, it is recommended to maintain the operation by the professionals to avoid unnecessary losses.