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Water Cooled Chiller Selection And Design
- Sep 28, 2017 -

Air conditioning and refrigeration systems and water systems reasonable equipment selection and design, reliable operation and control and good operation and management, air conditioning system, Water Cooled Chiller effective operation and energy saving plays a very important role. Different building air conditioning system in the design of the energy efficiency ratio of the lowest and the highest difference of 54%, mainly the cooling station and air conditioning water system configuration unreasonable due. Water Cooled Chiller And this unreasonable configuration and design, in the country within the project are different degrees of existence, should cause us to pay enough attention.

Chillers installed capacity is too large air conditioning system there are more common problems, Water Cooled Chiller some of the installed capacity of chillers and even idle more than 50%. The main reason for the large installed capacity of chillers is that the design staff did not design the cold load by time, but blindly apply the building cold load index, and it was not allowed to grasp the air conditioning load difference of different functional buildings. Water Cooled Chiller Plus the safety margin of the calculated cooling load. Water Cooled Chiller Chillers installed capacity will increase the air conditioning system, electrical equipment and building structure of the total cost, resulting in a large number of idle equipment waste and inefficient operation of the system, Water Cooled Chiller but also directly lead to the chiller with cold water pump and cooling pump selection side Large, increasing the energy consumption of the system and the difficulty of system operation adjustment.

The number of chillers should be selected according to the characteristics of cooling load and running regulation performance. Generally, the size of single cooling capacity should be reasonable. When the cooling capacity of the unit capacity is lower than the minimum load of the building, Water Cooled Chiller 1 sets of chillers for the minimum load to ensure the reliability of the system load regulation, increase the load adaptability, to avoid inefficient operation of chillers. Even large air-conditioning system, the number of chiller units should not exceed four, more than four should be divided into systems. Water Cooled Chiller Chillers and pumps running a one-to-one correspondence, theoretically there is a clear correlation loss, and load changes when the operation of the unit adjustment is too much trouble, Water Cooled Chiller the single machine is difficult to run in the best working area.

The number of chillers of the primary pump system is generally one to one according to the number of chillers, and the number of chillers of the secondary pump system is determined by the system partition and the configuration of each district. (See Figure 1), Water Cooled Chiller the system control and operation management is simple and convenient, the chillers interfere with each other less, the water changes are small, Water Cooled Chiller the hydraulic stability is good, the pump parallel loss correspondingly smaller, a cold water When the unit is not running, Water Cooled Chiller due to the role of the pump outlet check valve, the water will not bypass the shunt through the chiller.