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Water Cooled Chiller Selection And Design
- Nov 03, 2017 -

Reasonable equipment selection and design of air-conditioning and refrigeration stations and water systems, reliable operation control and good operation and management play an extremely important role in the effective operation and energy saving of air-conditioning systems. Water Cooled Chiller Different building air conditioning system under the design conditions of the lowest efficiency and the highest difference of 54%, Water Cooled Chiller mainly due to the unreasonable allocation of refrigeration stations and air conditioning water system.

Chiller installed capacity is too large air-conditioning systems exist more common problems, some projects chillers installed capacity even idle more than 50%. The main reason causing the chiller capacity to be too large is that designers do not make hourly cooling load calculation on a case-by-case basis. Instead, Water Cooled Chiller they blindly apply the building cooling load index, and are not sure about the air-conditioning load jerkiness of different functional buildings and do not Add analysis to increase the safety margin of cooling load. Chiller assembly capacity is too large will increase the air conditioning system, electrical equipment and building structure of the total cost, resulting in a large number of idle idle equipment and system inefficient operation, Water Cooled Chiller but also directly with the chiller matching cold water pump and cooling pump selection Large, increasing the system's energy consumption and system operation to adjust the difficulty.

Chiller number should be based on the characteristics of the cooling load, the performance of the operating adjustment options, usually 2 to 4 units, Water Cooled Chiller the size of a single cooling capacity should be reasonable with the capacity of the lower limit when the capacity of the cooling capacity greater than the minimum load of buildings should be selected 1 for the minimum load of chillers to ensure the reliability of system load regulation and increase the adaptability of the load to avoid inefficient chiller operation. Even a large air-conditioning system, the number of chillers should not exceed 4 units, more than 4 should be divided into systems. Water Cooled Chiller When the chiller and the pump operate in one-to-one correspondence, there is a significant correlation loss theoretically, and the operation regulation of the chiller is troublesome when the load is changed, and it is difficult for the single machine to run in the best working condition.

Two control air-conditioning water system, Water Cooled Chiller due to the difference between winter and summer load and the difference in operating water temperature, should be set separately, cold water and hot water circulating pump. In the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, Water Cooled Chiller the winter heat load of comfort air-conditioners in the whole year is generally 60% -80% of the summer cold load value, the water temperature difference in cooling is 5 ℃, the water temperature difference in heating is 10 ℃, Water Cooled Chiller In the casing system, the hydraulic loss under heating conditions is only 9% ~ 16% of the cooling conditions, while the transmission power consumption of the water system at this time is only 2.7% -6.4 %. This shows that the hot and cold water circulation pump set separately is absolutely necessary.