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Water Cooled Chiller The Inefficient Operation
- Oct 17, 2017 -

The reasonable equipment selection and design, reliable operation control and good operation management of air-conditioning refrigeration station and water system play an important role in the effective operation of air-conditioning system and energy saving and consumption reduction. Water Cooled Chiller The lowest and highest difference between the energy efficiency of air conditioning system in different buildings is 54%, which is mainly caused by the unreasonable configuration of refrigerating station and air-conditioning water system. This unreasonable configuration and design, Water Cooled Chiller in the national scope of the project in varying degrees of existence, should cause us enough attention.

The large installed capacity of chillers is a common problem in air conditioning system, and some engineering chillers have even more than 50% installed capacity. The main reason for the large installed capacity of the chillers is that the designers did not calculate the cold load hourly, but blindly applied the cold load index of the building, and did not grasp the uneven rate of the air-conditioning load of different functional buildings, Water Cooled Chiller and increased the safety margin of calculating the cold load without analysis. Water chiller Installed Capacity partial assembly increase air conditioning system, the total cost of electrical equipment and structure, resulting in a lot of idle waste of equipment and inefficient operation of the system, Water Cooled Chiller will directly lead to the matching of water chillers and cooling water pump selection of large, increasing the system's energy consumption and the difficulty of system operation adjustment.

The number of chillers should be based on the characteristics of cold load, the operation adjusts the performance to choose, generally is ~ 4 units, Water Cooled Chiller the single machine refrigeration quantity should be reasonable collocation, when the single machine capacity adjusts the lower limit the production cooling quantity is bigger than the building minimum load, should choose 1 sets of water chillers suitable for the minimum load, Water Cooled Chiller in order to guarantee the system load regulation reliability, Increase the adaptability of the load to avoid the inefficient operation of chillers. Even a large air-conditioning system, Water Cooled Chiller the number of its chillers should not exceed 4 units, more than 4 units should be divided into systems. When the water chiller and the water pump run one by one correspond, there are obvious related losses theoretically, Water Cooled Chiller and the operation adjustment of the unit is troublesome when the load changes, each single machine is difficult to run in the best working condition area.

The configuration of the circulating water pump of the cold (hot) water system is the same as that of the chiller, so the water pump should always run in the high efficiency zone, Water Cooled Chiller so that the energy consumption of the system is low, the regulation is good and the work is stable. The flow rate of circulating water pump should correspond with the rated flow of the evaporator of chillers, and the head should be determined by hydraulic calculation.