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Water Cooled Chiller Use More Widely
- Aug 23, 2017 -

Chillers commonly known as freezers, refrigerators, ice machines, frozen water machines, coolers, etc., because the use of a wide range of industries, so the name also countless. With the continuous development of chillers industry more and more people began to pay attention to the chiller industry, any choice is more and more important for human beings, in the product structure "energy efficiency than water-cooled screw unit", "water source heat pump unit", " Screw-type heat recovery unit "," efficient heat pump unit "," screw-type low-temperature refrigeration unit "and so on the most competitive product structure of its nature principle is a multi-functional machine, remove the liquid vapor by compression or heat absorption Type refrigeration cycle. Chillers include four main components: compressors, evaporators, condensers, expansion valves, thus achieving the unit refrigeration heating effect.

Maintenance / chillers

Chillers of the opening and closing sequence to ensure that the air conditioning host to start after the normal operation, must ensure that:

① Condenser heat dissipation is good, otherwise it will be due to cold - coagulation temperature and the corresponding condensing pressure is too high, so that the chiller high pressure protection device action and stop, and even lead to failure.

② the cold water in the evaporator should be circulating, otherwise it will be due to cold water temperature is low, resulting in cold water temperature protection device action and stop, or because the evaporation temperature and the corresponding evaporation pressure is too low, is the chiller low voltage protection device action and stop Causing the cold water in the evaporator to freeze and damage the equipment. Therefore, the chillers start the order: (must strictly abide by) cooling tower fan open -> cooling water pump open -> cold water pump open -> chillers chillers down the order of the unit: (must strictly abide by) chiller Stop -> cooling tower fan stop -> cooling pump stop -> cold pump stop


① downtime, chillers should be shut down half an hour before work, cold water pump after work and then shut down, is conducive to saving energy, while avoiding downtime, to protect the crew.

② Before running the refrigeration cycle, make sure that the heating cycle pipe valve has been closed.

Operating procedures

① before the start of the preparatory work

1) Verify that the unit and controller are powered on.

2) confirm the cooling tower fan, cooling water pump, cold water pump are open.

3) Make sure that the end fan coil units are powered on.

② start

1) Press the status key on the keyboard, and then switch the unit ON / OFF switch to the position where the switch is turned on.

2) The crew will make a self-test, after a few seconds, a compressor starts, until the load increases after another compressor starts.

3) Once the unit is started, all operations are not automatic. The unit starts automatically according to the change of the cold load (chilled water supply and return water temperature).

③ normal operation

1) When the unit is running normally, the controller will monitor the oil pressure, the motor current and other parameters of the system. If any problems occur, the control system will automatically take corresponding measures to protect the unit and display the fault information on the unit screen. (See installation, operation and maintenance manual for details)

2) During every 24-hour operating period, there should be a permanent record of the operating conditions at a fixed time interval.

④ downtime

1) You can stop the unit by switching the unit ON / OFF toggle switch to the disconnected position below the keyboard.

2) In order to prevent damage, even when the unit shut down, do not cut off the unit power supply.

3, fan, pump operation

① cooling tower fan, cooling water pump, cold water pump are independent control, power supply should be confirmed before the normal power, no reverse, no phase.

② Before opening the pump, make sure that the valves in the pipeline are open.