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Water Cooled Chiller Very Important
- Jul 24, 2017 -

After the long-term use of the refrigeration unit, Water Cooled Chiller the oil quality of the lubricating oil deteriorates, and the impurities and moisture in the oil are increased. Therefore, the oil quality should be observed and checked regularly. Once the problem is found to be timely replacement, Water Cooled Chiller the replacement of the oil grades must comply with technical information.

Drying filter is an important part to ensure the normal circulation of refrigerant. Water Cooled Chiller Because the water and refrigerant are not compatible with each other, if the system contains moisture, will greatly affect the operating efficiency of the unit, so keep the system dry is very important, Water Cooled Chiller dry filter inside the filter must be replaced regularly.

Chillers on the condenser and evaporator are all pressure vessels, according to regulations, to the unit's high-pressure side of the condenser body to install the safety valve, Water Cooled Chiller once the unit is in an abnormal working environment, the safety valve can automatically pressure relief, To prevent high-pressure may cause harm to the human body. So the periodic verification of the safety valve is very important for the safety of the entire unit

Water-cooled condenser cooling water is open circuit, Water Cooled Chiller the general use of tap water through the cooling tower recycling. When the water calcium and magnesium salt content is large, easily decomposed and deposited in the cooling water pipe to form scale, affecting heat transfer. Water Cooled Chiller Excessive fouling will also reduce the flow of cooling water, water, reduce the condensing pressure. Water Cooled Chiller Therefore, when the water quality of the cooling water used is poor, Water Cooled Chiller the cooling water pipe is cleaned at least once a year to remove scale and other dirt in the pipe. There are two ways to clean the condenser water pipes:

(1) use a special cleaning gun to clean the pipe.

(2) use a special cleaning agent cycle rinsing, Water Cooled Chiller or filling in the cooling water, after 24 hours to replace the solution until the wash so far.

If there are no other special reasons, the general unit will not produce a lot of leakage. Water Cooled Chiller If a certain amount of refrigerant leaks due to improper use or after repair, it is necessary to re-add the refrigerant. Charging the refrigerant must pay attention to the use of refrigerant brands.

Data center construction scale is increasing, the use of large chillers refrigeration solutions, Water Cooled Chiller the system is complex, but the energy efficiency, energy saving effect is obvious, becoming the mainstream. Data center based on its own application characteristics, Water Cooled Chiller the centrifugal chillers have a higher demand, such as the requirements of the unit more stable and reliable, energy saving, to avoid surge, Water Cooled Chiller fast restart and so on. The variable frequency centrifugal chillers meet the data center application requirements, has been widely used in the data center industry.

In the case of a data center, short-term cooling interruption will not only cause a lot of indoor heat accumulation, the rapid increase in temperature, Water Cooled Chiller will also lead to IT equipment performance, Water Cooled Chiller shorten the life of a series of more serious consequences. Water Cooled Chiller So in order to deal with short-term power or power switching and other extreme situations, Water Cooled Chiller the data center usually requires chillers in the shortest possible time to achieve restart and load.

The chiller has no start-up interval. The unit can start and stop frequently. The unit can restart within 1 minute with the UPS quick start.