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Water Cooled Screw Chiller Main Feature
- Oct 24, 2017 -

Water-cooled screw chillers in industrial applications, water-cooled screw chillers are widely used in a variety of industrial consumption 1, chemical (learning) industry 2, plastic products, plastic containers, film, steel profiles, pipe, wire, Tire industry 3, electroplating and machine tool cutting fluid cooling industry 4, the pharmaceutical industry 5, the electronics industry 6, hardware industry 7, food and beverage industry 8, footwear industry 9, laboratory 10, medical equipment 11, optical instruments

main feature

First, the most efficient semi-enclosed compressor

The heart of the unit - imported high-quality screw compressor, its 5: 6 ultra-efficient screw rotor compressor, 20-30% higher than the average compressor efficiency. OK reliable, easy maintenance, precise capacity control, wide range of applications.

1. The latest asymmetric rotor tooth profile.

2. Four or no stage capacity control system.

3. Built-in differential pressure oil lubrication system.

4. Low vibration, low noise.

Second, the computer to accurately control the temperature

Unit microcomputer controller with large screen dot matrix LCD display, with a good all-Chinese man-machine dialogue interface to achieve full-featured automation control. LCD display real-time display of machine work, accurate monitoring group running in the best condition, the touch panel seal Good, waterproof, dustproof, corrosion-resistant, long key life.

Grading and electrodeless energy control

It is equipped with 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% graded energy control system, which ensures that the unit has the maximum energy saving effect at the partial load, but if you need precise control of the water temperature, Models can be equipped with stepless energy control.

Third, the operation of high efficiency

Heat exchanger with a high efficiency bellows, plus efficient screw compressor, to ensure the efficient operation of the unit.

The most reliable protection and accessories.

Water-cooled screw chillers have the following components to prevent any operational failure: compressor protection design timer, over-current relay, compressor motor temperature sensor, anti-freeze thermostat, sight glass, oil heater, compressor reverse phase Protection, relay, surface treatment, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, factories and other plants.