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Water Cooled Screw Chiller Omnidirectional Inspection
- Jul 24, 2017 -

We need a detergent to pour into the water tower inlet, when the perfusion to a certain amount, the water tower outlet will automatically flow out of the turbid cleaning agent. When the gun water from the water tower outlet out of the time, once become turbid, which also shows that cleaning is effective, repeat several times. Water Cooled Screw Chiller Finally rinse with water.

In addition to the chillers to find the cooling capacity of the cooling tower, Water Cooled Screw Chiller chillers cooling capacity need to clean the cooling tube, the replacement of cooling water in a short time after the deterioration of water quality, also need to clean, clean the barrel or cooling network.

1, the use of chillers for more than six months, Water Cooled Screw Chiller high / low pressure switch often fails, or cooling capacity is reduced, please arrange staff cleaning torch. If many times in accordance with the above instructions for repair, chiller failure siren, then notify the factory to contact for repair.

2, such as chillers are installed pressure gauge, Water Cooled Screw Chiller pay attention to whether the pressure is higher than 18 kg per square centimeter, if more than, then clean the heat gun, or check the hose is off.

3, the pressure is considered on the one hand, Water Cooled Screw Chiller the above said, in the cooling capacity changes, the high temperature of the cooling water, chilled water temperature becomes higher cooling conditions, need to consider cleaning the cooling barrel and replace the cooling network.

4, and then cleaning the cooling gun, Water Cooled Screw Chiller the same thing at the same time, to ensure a short period of time to complete the cleaning, and should be a comprehensive inspection of the water tower to avoid due to other non-thermal barrels caused by poor refrigeration problems.

Screw-type chiller because of its key components - the compressor screw screw screw machine, the unit by the evaporator out of the state of the gas refrigerant; compressed by the compressor after the compression, into a high temperature and high pressure state. Compressed gas refrigerant, Water Cooled Screw Chiller in the condenser, isostatic cooling condensation, after condensation into liquid refrigerant, Water Cooled Screw Chiller and then through the throttle valve to low pressure, into a gas-liquid mixture. Which low-temperature low-pressure liquid refrigerant, in the evaporator to absorb the heat of cold matter, re-become a gaseous refrigerant. Water Cooled Screw Chiller The gaseous refrigerant is reintroduced into the compressor via piping to start a new cycle. This is the four cycles of the refrigeration cycle. It is also the main working principle of the screw chiller.

Compressor motor winding embedded thermistor, Water Cooled Screw Chiller the resistance is generally 1kΩ. Winding overheating, the resistance will increase rapidly, more than 141kΩ, the thermal protection module SSM action, cut off the unit running, while showing overheating failure, TH fault indicator light. Water Cooled Screw Chiller The reasons for the compressor overheating failure are as follows:

(1) compressor load is too large, over-current operation. Water Cooled Screw Chiller Possible reasons are: the cooling water temperature is too high, the refrigerant charge too much or refrigeration system with air and other non-condensable gas, resulting in heavy compressor load, Water Cooled Screw Chiller the performance of over-current, and accompanied by high voltage failure.

(2) electrical fault caused by the compressor over-current operation. Such as three-phase power supply voltage is too low or three-phase imbalance, Water Cooled Screw Chiller resulting in current or a phase current is too large; AC contactor damage, contact ablation, resulting in contact current is too large or due to phase and current is too large.

(3) overheat protection module SSM damp or damaged, the middle relay damage, poor contact, the performance of the boot that is overheating failure, Water Cooled Screw Chiller the compressor can not start. If the unit electronic board failure or communication failure, it may also false overheating failure.