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Water-source Heat Pump Water Heaters-features
- Dec 02, 2016 -

1. the design is reasonable, compact, pleasing in appearance, small size, covering an area of less;

2. energy-saving environmental protection, providing customers with industrial water at the same time, can also have a large supply of free hot water, heat increasing cooling system run time, higher energy efficiency, heat recovery up to cooling capacity 30-80%;

3. low running cost, improve efficiency, improve working conditions, saving operating costs;

4. safe temperature relatively constant characteristics of heat pump units running more reliable, more stable and ensure the efficiency and economy of the system, and without special maintenance or operation, operation and maintenance costs very little;

5. reliable: stable, low noise, long service life, thermal technology reduce the load, reducing the failure rate.

6. intelligent control, automatic micro-computer control without manual control, enables remote or centralized management