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Wind-cooled Low Temperature Chiller-features
- Dec 02, 2016 -

Low temperature chiller is designed for special low temperature cold water machine, its Super cooling ability for hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and other commercial establishments, food preservatives, large cold meats, seafood, frozen, frozen, ice fields, refrigerated food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical and other low temperature environment to provide a reliable guarantee.

1. product range, including high temperature (water temperature-5 ° c), temperature (water temperature-10 ° c), low temperature (water temperature-15 ° c) three series.

2. structure is highly optimized, using a heat exchanger plate supporting the body, the structure is simple, compact and practical.

3. quality + best of screw compressor the perfect combination of high performance heat exchangers, energy efficiency ratio of 4.5.

4. four-or variable volume control, precision combined with load changes.